Seal Hunter Pro - Strategies, Achievement Solutions, Guides, Tips & Tricks


Guides, tips & tricks
Everything a Seal Hunter Player needs.

Hosting a Seal Hunter Game
Nobody can join me if I host a room ; My server has a  "???"  ping..
The Beginner Guide
I just downloaded Seal Hunter. How to play this game?
5 Most Important Rules of Seal Hunter
Rules everybody should know and follow in order to be not kicked.
Tactical Basics of Seal Hunter
General tactics, beginner mistakes, tactical stupidness.
Customizing & Optimizing Seal Hunter
How to set up Seal Hunter & customizing tricks.
Interesting stuff about Seal Hunter
General tricks, tips and bugs in Seal Hunter.
Jargon & Abbreviations
Some useful Seal Hunter jargon & abbreviations..
Walking through Seal Hunter
Walkthroughs, tips and tricks while mastering Seal Hunter.
The Deathmatch Guide
How to master the deathmatch modes..
Level Overview
An overview of Seal Hunter's levels & enemy per level counts.
Enemy Overview
A lot of informations around Seal Hunter's enemies.
Weapon Overview
Showing Seal Hunter's weapon arsenal and all its stats!
The Ultimate Weapon Guide
Many tips on how to use the weapons in Seal Hunter.
The Boosting Guide
How to "share" money in Seal Hunter.
The Farming Guide (Turtle Hold)
A cool secret built in by Toumaz.
Tricking the Walrus
Some kind of bugusing ;D
How to identify a cheater
How to identify a cheater, cheat types and what they do.
Complete list of Achievements
Complete list of all Seal Hunter achievements and their descriptions.
Complete list of Ranks & Unlocks
Complete list of all levels, xp points, title and weapon unlocks.
The Modding Guide for Seal Hunter
Modding graphics, music, sounds & fonts in Seal Hunter.
The Recording Guide for Seal Hunter
Recording Seal Hunter videos with good quality.

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