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1. There's a trick to not to be eaten by the walrus. Watch this for a detailed explanation.

2. To get the Devil Himself (do 750k damage in a match) and Fortitudinous Fisherman (play a match 30mins) achievements, you (can/have) hold the turtle (farm) with 3 or 4 players. Watch this if you don't know how to do this.

3. If you got eaten by the walrus in the original The Seal Hunter game, you could still shoot with your punt gun out of his stomach, what finally killed him. In the multiplayer version - the Seal Hunter Remake, you can still do this, but it does not work always (try it when playing with many players). If you've been eaten by the walrus, but killed him out of his stomach a second later, you will get a win message when you start the next match.

4. On the x8 difficulty the walrus buggs, he does not die and does not lose any HP. He goes to the middle of the game field and stops there. 15-20 minutes later he wakes up and starts to eat players. Sometimes he does not eat anybody and then he stops again for 15-20 minutes. 1 player can be eaten in 15-20 min. 4 players may take up to an hour. You can throw grenades at the walrus and get some money for mines, which you don't even need. Watch this video.

5. The Seal Hunter Remake was made by Tomas "Toumaz" Olander from Sweden. Thanks him for remaking The Seal Hunter and building in a multiplayer engine! Support him (scroll to the bottom).

6. To make the Death from Above achievement (kill a seal cub by landing on it) ... read more ...

7. High pings often cause in-game laggs, which means some of your bullets may go wrong (especially on seal cubs). If you have a high ping and everything is lagging, close all active downloads and background programs. Download GameBooster and launch the boost mode before starting Seal Hunter. Finally you should buy a better pc and internet connection (don't use WLAN, play on LAN - its always better). Restart your PC. Reconnect your modem. Maybe the Seal Hunter servers lag.. wait some minutes/hours/days and relogin. Someday it will be fixed. If not, write Toumaz an e-mail (create an account on that forum and press the send message icon on Toumaz's profile).

8. When running with an AWP, the percentual probability of on-line running enemies decreases. Very strange.

9. It's possible to kill the level 2 bosses - penguins - with a pistol. Just give every penguin a headshot. Hard, but possible.

10. If you hosted a room and wait for other players, don't look at the boring Seal Hunter ice sheet background. Do something else.. surf on the internet etc. If a player joins your room, the Seal Hunter taskbar background color changes to yellow or orange (taskbar flashes).

11. The level 1 boss hp bar in the bottom has an other strange bug: the bar displays a wrong hp count for all non-hosters (all players except the admin of the room).

12. If you press a movement key, sometimes it gets stuck. Your player object will continue moving in a specific direction. To stop this, press the direction button, where your player currently go, and you will be able to move yourself again.

13. There's a trick you can use on the level 1 fat seal boss - throw Grenades (1500$) at him. Every grenade, hitting his body, will give you between 5$ and 30$, depending on the splash distance, so throw some grenades in his head! If you use a gun, then shoot in his eye, that gives 25% more damage because of an eyeshot multiplier.

14. Shooting the bear on the small part over his head gives more damage than an actual headshot!

15. If you accidently bought land mines (because of the buggy ingame menu), don't panic and don't plant them. Just switch to your primary weapon through the buy menu by pressing B + [Slot number of primary weapon]. It's almost always recommended to use mines later.

16. You can join in one or more SH accounts at the same time on the same pc. This can be used to play a deathmatch mode (up to x4) as a ranked game with 1-3 players. To do so, start the game with 2-4 players, press ready for all, then let your fake accounts spectate and switch the window to your primary player.

17. If there are 3 players in a room and 2 other join the room at the same time, you will be able to play with 5 guys.

18. The Walrus always eats the nearest player to himself.

19. If you're to lazy to jump on a crawling seal, take a gun with a high recoil (shotgun / punt gun), place yourself so that your body movement will end at the crawling seal from the recoil and shoot. The seal will die.

Written by Эдди Калевый (source). Edited by 2xD.

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