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1. Loadout

Keep your loadout small & simple. Loadouts like [Magnum + MP5 + Grenades + Colt M16 + AWP] do not work! You will never get all these weapons in a round due to a lack of money. Moreover, quite lickely you will lose the round. The more complicated your loadout is, the more money you waste and the smaller the chance that you will become all weapons you really want. So follow these simple schemes:

For Beginners: Light Weapon + Medium Weapon + Heavy Weapon
For Mediums: Pistol + Medium Weapon + Heavy Weapon
For Advanced: Light Weapon + Heavy Weapon
For Experts: Light Weapon + Medium Weapon
For Good Experts: Pistol + Medium Weapon

Following this scheme, you can only buy one weapon from each weapon section..

Light Weapons: Magnum, MP5
Medium Weapons: Grenades, Shotgun, Dual Macs, M79
Heavy Weapons: Colt M16, AWP, Carl Gustav, Punt Gun, Minigun






Dual Macs


Colt M16


Carl Gustav

Punt Gun


If I follow the beginner scheme and buy a magnum, then, in the next, I will have to buy either grenades, a shotgun, dual macs or the M79. But never buy more than 1 weapon from each weapon section! Also do never use stupid loadouts like [Magnum + M79 + Colt M16], because you almost have no advantages between 2 side by side standing weapons..

Some easy and good beginner loadouts are:
(for 1 PL)
Magnum - Dual Macs - Carl Gustav (+Land Mines) [watch video]
Magnum - Shotgun - Carl Gustav (+Land Mines) [watch video]

If you're lowlevel, don't take all weapons you got & take something powerful like only magnum, shotgun or one of the highest medium/heavy weapons you currently have. BUT! Do not kill too much when there are highlevel boys in the room. Let them kill more, get your final weapon & cover your region. Why? Because highleveler can reach more powerful weapons than you and that's why they need more money. You may complete this game as a lowleveler if you let them kill more!

If you reached level 17, its very recommended to take land mines into your loadout unless you make a no-mines strategy, which is quite hard and not a good start for beginners.

2. Territorial Division

When playing a game, you and your team mates must know which regions you cover on the game field. If you play with 2 players, cover 1/2 of the game field, if 3 players - 1/3, if 4 players - 1/4. Do not killsteal other player's kills, that's not tactical and destroys your team economic - the one will have a lot of money, the other - nothing.

That's the territorial division for 4 players in room.

3. Aiming

Aim for the head! A headshot gives more bucks and kills much faster, than shooting the body. If you're not so good at aiming, train it in shooter games or practice more in Seal Hunter. Also try to come to the enemies as close as possible and then make a headshot. If you aim for the enemies from a distance, take a weapon with a precise accuracy! If you use a spray weapon like shotgun, punt gun or a splash weapon like the m79 or carl gustav, then it's not really important to make a headshot; go to the enemy as close as possible and fire your splash or spray gun. The enemy gets ripped into pieces which will give you even more money due to the splash damage multiplier.

4. Teamwork

Play in a team. Do not killsteal! Cover each other, always. If you play and cover your region, mention what is happening in your team mate's region. If your region is clear and your team mate's one not, then help him. Move for some seconds down or up and kill enemies until the critical period is over, but do not forget about your own region! If someone is jumping on a place, then this could be a sign. Maybe you should come over to your jumping team mate and help him.

5. Communication

Communicate with your team mates. Discuss the next round, the loadouts all of you should use. When having time in a level or boss pause, write important informations. Write simple, small & clear words or word groups. Use teamspeak, skype or other communication programs to tell important things during the play (how much money you have, how much you need to the next weapon..). When suddenly have to go away from keyboard, write "afk" in the chat and move to the right border.

6. Killing Order

Kill more dangerous enemies first! Why? Because they're more dangerous! If you have one bullet left, do not kill the brown seal, which is harmless, kill the penuin, that can overrun everybody at any time. The killing order is: Polar Bear > Penguin > British Activist > Brown Seal > Seal Cub > Fat Seal. That's the order in which you should kill the enemies. Make sure that the enemies are not too close to the right border. The killing order only relates to the enemies that are in the first, the left half of the game field.

7. Details

If a player reloads his weapon, a special reload sound will play. So turn your speakers on and hear, when a player reloads his gun, especially in a level or boss pause. If someone is jumping on a place, then this could be a sign. Maybe you should come over to your jumping team mate and help him. Watch out for the bullets of your team mates and remember the time on how long a weapon usually fires. For example, a polar bear is running too fast and your team mate forgot to reload the minigun. Now you have to feel, that he got fired too many bullets and have to less time to reload. Come over to him with your AWP and knock down the polar bear. Also do never forget about the level progress bars in the bottom, the money you & your team mates have and the weapon reloading!

Written by 2xD.

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