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A complete list of achievements can be found here.

Bloody Feet
Kill 20 crawling seals by jumping on them in a single game.
Death from Above
Kill a seal cub by landing on it.
Master of Thrift
Kill at least one enemy using the minigun on level 3.
Conspicuous Consumer
Use ammunition worth $10,000 or more in a single match.
Big Spender
Buy and use five weapons in a single match.
Let 10 fatally wounded activists pass you.
Credit to Team
Win a multiplayer game with 75% of all kills.
Win a game without having purchased a single weapon and at least 100 kills.
Walrus Terminator
Win the game using nothing but the shotgun and the basic pistol.
Finish a game with 100% or more overall headshots and at least 100 kills.
Old Schooler, Super Best Friend, Walrus Slayer
Finish a game only using weapons from the original The Seal Hunter, Win a game with 2 players, Win the game.
6 Achievements for a 30 minutes farm with 3/4 players
You get: Butcher, Sadist, Angel & Archangel of Death, Son of Lucifer, Devil Himself, Patient & Diligent & Furtitudinous Fisherman
Patient & Diligent & Furtitudinous Fisherman
3 Achievements (Play the game for 10, 20 & 30 minutes) by tricking the walrus.

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