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Achievements # Old Schooler, Super Best Friend, Walrus Slayer
Finish a game only using weapons from the original The Seal Hunter, Win a game with 2 players, Win the game.

Basic Idea:
The Seal Hunter (original and first seal hunter game) has the following weapons: Magnum, MP5, Grenades, Shotgun, Dual Macs, M79, Colt M16, AWP, Punt Gun, Minigun. Use only this weapons (no Land Mines, no Carl Gustav), take the Punt Gun or the Minigun as the very last weapon. We did it like this:

Player 1: Magnum + Shotgun + Minigun
Player 2: Magnum + Colt M16 + Minigun

Manage your timing at the Walrus. Shoot as soon as the boss hp bar in the bottom appears, even if the Walrus didn't come out yet.
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