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Here you can download everything you need for Seal Hunter.

Name Version Size  
Seal Hunter Remake Game Setup
2D co-op multiplayer online seal hunting game
 1.0.1 13,0 MB Download
The Seal Hunter Game Setup
The original seal hunting game.
1.2 9,50 MB Download
Mario Mod for Seal Hunter
Adds mario characters, backgrounds & music to Seal Hunter
8.0 9,40 MB Download
Sound Mod 2012 for Seal Hunter
Replaces default music & weapon sounds in Seal Hunter
1.1 10,30 MB Download
Complete list of achievements
A PDF list of all achievements and their descriptions
1.0 23,70 KB Download
Complete list of ranks & unlocks
A PDF list of all levels, xp points, title and weapon unlocks
1.0 16,80 KB Download
Title and background sprites
Default Seal Hunter title and background sprites.
1.0 297,00 KB Download
All rank sprites
All rank icons with a transparent & cropped background.
1.0 13,10 KB Download
All weapon sprites
All weapon sprites, transparent and cropped.
1.0 6,00 KB Download
All enemy sprites
All enemy sprite, transparent and cropped.
1.0 6,90 KB Download
HyperCam2 (Hyperionics)
HyperCam2 is a very good recording tool for Seal Hunter
N/A 154,00 KB Download
An awesome tool to edit sound effects or music
N/A 19,80 MB Download
Grabber (Allegro)
Grabber extracts graphics and sounds from *.dat files
N/A 193.15 KB Download
Free Audio Converter (DVDVideoSoft)
This converter converts audio files into different types
N/A 26,20 MB Download

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