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Achievements # Death from Above
Kill a seal cub by landing on it.

Basic Idea:
Basicly you have to let a seal cub alive and hope that a bear will fall on the seal cub and kill it. That's very hard to do, so there might be an other solution. Twixi said it would work that way (this way is not verified yet, so test it and answer me in comments, please):

To make this achievement you need a pistol and a punt gun. Take one of the following loadouts:

Pistol + Shotgun + Punt Gun
Pistol + MP5 + Punt Gun

Use 1 pistol shot on the cub, switch to the punt gun and jump on the cub. This only works on level 5. To do so, take pistol, get your $, buy a medium weapon. Then, before buying the punt gun, switch back to the pistol, and buy the punt gun. Now you can switch between the pistol and the punt gun using the default switch button (Q).
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