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Guides, tips & tricks # Tricking the Walrus

There's a trick in Seal Hunter you can use to not to be eaten by the Walrus. And this is how it works:

1. When reaching the Walrus, buy or switch to a weapon which has no recoil (best - land mines). Go to the horizontal middle of the Walrus, in front of his belly, like shown in the picture:

2. If the Walrus gathers speed, move to the top or the bottom, but make sure you do not move to the left or to the right unless you're not in the horizonal middle of the Walrus. Always keep yourself in the horizontal middle of the Walrus!

3. Before you can plant mines, you have to search for a spot, where you can hide for a special time. Sometimes the Walrus hits you and you get a specific recoil and slide away. This can end the game. Here is a picture of good spots, where you can hide.. Some spots may be very hard to reach, but they really own!

4. When you found a good spot, plant mines in a straight vertical line. Do not plant mines in Walrus's body. He can touch you, you slide away and then he eats you. Also make sure you do not throw the land mines out of the ice sheet.

This trick is an easy way to complete the following achievements:

Patient Fisherman (Play a game for 10 minutes or longer)
Diligent Fisherman (Play a game for 20 minutes or longer)
Fortitudinous Fisherman (Play a game for 30 minutes or longer)

Bug found by Эдди Калевый (source). Written by 2xD.

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