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Guides, tips & tricks # Playing the first game

Basicly, in Seal Hunter, you have to kill all enemies which try to cross the game room and reach the right border (enemies spawn on the left; if they cross the right border - you lose). To kill those, you have a big arsenal of weapons. You get money for every enemy kill. This money can be used to buy more powerful weapons. Seal Hunter has 5 levels, each of them usually takes up to 1-1.5 minutes, a total match usually takes 5-7 minutes. In each level there is a special enemy type and a boss in the end.

First of all we should also know our Basic Seal Hunter Controls (default):

Description Key Function
Move up W Moves character up.
Move left A Moves character left.
Move down S Moves character down.
Move right D Moves character right.
Jump Space Character jumps. Can smash a crawling brown seal by falling on him.
Fire (shoot) Left Mouse Button Gun fires.
Reload weapon R Reloads your current weapon.
Quickbuy G Buys the weapon for which you currently have enough money.
Open buymenu B Opens a menu where you can buy different weapons.
Switch weapons Q Toggles between 2 last used weapons.
If you bought more than 1 guns in a match, press <B> + <Slot number> to switch to an other weapon. While pressing that button, you will see the player's names.
Chat Enter Shows the chat field to talk with others.
If a player is writing text in the chat, a () appears over his body.
Show stats Tab Shows various informations: team, money, loadout, kill count, ping, level, progress.

Now let's play our first game! Join or create a room with the automatic game mode.

To start a game, press the <Fire> button, which you set up in the options. If all players are ready (all pressed the <Fire> button), wait for the countdown. If you want to stop the countdown press the <Fire> button again. When the countdown reaches 0, the game starts with level 1.

At the begin of a match everyone starts with the basic weapon - pistol. The pistol is a low-damage weapon but very precise and has 12 bullets per magazine. Notice that Seal Hunter has no magazine limits! There is only a bullet per magazine limitation, so you have to reload the gun when there are no bullets left!

Now move around and kill some enemies (Level 1 enemies are always brown seals). It's better if you aim for the head, because a headshot gives more damage, more money and this means that you will get more powerful weapons faster..

In the top of the game window you can see the chat; in the bottom - the weapon you currently use, its ammo, the level progress & the money. It's very recommended to have all these informations drawn around the player object, like in the picture above. To do so, go back to the options a tick the "Enable classic HUD" checkbox.

Boss fights. At the end of every level (except level 1 boss, level 3 boss & level 4 boss) there will be a pause before the boss spawns. This pause takes as long as you do not kill the last enemy in the room. This can be very useful: it can be used to reload weapons, planting land mines, chat or other..

If an enemy crosses the right border, you will get a Game Over message.. that's the match end. In the end of every match you get experience points, weapon, title, achievement unlocks and a statistics window will show up.

If you got a new weapon, you firstly have to equip it for the current match to buy it ingame. To do so, press <Escape>, then "Modify loadout" and double-click the weapons on the left you would like to use in the next round! Notice, that you can only take up to 5 weapons per round.

Let's play an other match. If you got enough money for the weapon you equipped, you can buy it by pressing <B>, which is usually the buy menu. Then click with your mouse on the weapon you'd like to buy (you can also press the slot buttons on your keyboard to buy weapons faster). There's also a quickbuy command (usually button <G>) which buys the next weapon for which you currently have enough money. The quickbuy command is sometimes buggy, so it's recommended to use the buymenu instead (of course if you're not in an extremely critical situation).

To switch between 2 already bought weapons, press the <Q> button (default). This command will only switch between the 2 last used weapons. If you bought more than 1 guns in a match, press <B> + <Slot number> to switch to an other weapon.

Remember that Seal Hunter is a cooperative multiplayer game. Do not steal kills from others or move like an idiot. Play in a team! Good luck & Have fun!

Written by 2xD.

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