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Guides, tips & tricks # Level 3: I hate Penguins

Lv. 3
Brown Seal

British Activist

Lv. 3 Special Pause (5-10 seconds after last enemy has been spawned)
Lv. 3 Boss
Polar Bear Boss

Killing order
Penguin > British Activist > Brown Seal

In Level 3 there will spawn one more enemy type - Penguins, which can slide and overrun your Seal Hunter. In this level you have to buy a medium or a heavy weapon in order to beat the level 3 polar bear boss!

Penguins. If a penguin spawns, you will hear a croak. Shoot the penguins in the head to get more bucks (120$). A body shot gives 100$. Penguins are sometimes buggy and do not die by the first time. Sometimes there are 2 or even 3 penguins in one. This is usually called "double pingu" or "triple pingu". Penguins are very dangerous, because they get a random slide speed (87-157 px/sec), when they stop walking. That's why it's hard to estimate penguin's speed and very easy to lose. Kill them as fast as possible, best when they walk.

After the last enemy has been spawned, you have 5-10 seconds before the polar bear boss spawns. So clear the game field as fast as possible if you see the last enemy coming! When you shoot the bear, he gets enraged and starts to run faster. So shoot in his head or over his head (gives more damage than the head), but do not miss him and do not shoot in his legs! There are a few things you should know:

1. Don't use splash weapons like m79, grenades if there is more than 1 polar bear in the game field and if they run together! Splash weapons make a splash damage on a specific area around the bullet epicenter, which means that the splash damage will hit the other bears and they all get enraged at once. You can still use the m79 in 1-player games or in certain situations, like: one player shoots the polar bear in his head, you stay in the right and wait till the polar bear comes nearer and, then, you make some grenade headshots.

2. Pistol, Magnum, MP5, Grenades can not kill a polar bear by themselves.

3. Shotgun, Dual Macs, M79, Colt M16, the AWP, Carl Gustav and the Punt- & Minigun can kill a polar bear independently.

Shotgun: 2-3 headshots, come closer to the bear, move to the right when shooting.
Dual Macs: full magazine on head, come closer to the bear, move to the right when shooting.
M79: 3-5 grenades on head, come closer to the bear, move to the right when shooting.
Colt M16: full magazine on head.
AWP: one leg shot (bear gets slightly enraged, runs only a little faster) + headshot (=kill).
Carl Gustav: 2-4 headshots.
Punt Gun: come as close as possible to the polar bear and make a headshot.
Minigun: 30-50 bullets on the head.

Which bear should I kill when playing with many players? Basicly, it's better if you start at the top bear, go down and finish the other bears one by one. It always depends on the weapons your team got. If you're not the only of 4 players who got the Colt or the AWP, then split up in 2 groups. Group 1 starts on the top and finishes the 1st and the 2nd bear. Group 2 starts on the bottom and finishes the 4th, and then the 3rd bear.

The polar bear can overrun your Seal Hunter. If you killed a polar bear, his dead body can stop your Seal Hunter's movement for a while. So jump over his dead body to not to get blocked. A polar bear gives 500$ and can mash a seal cub, when falling and sliding on the ground.

Written by 2xD.

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