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We begin with the Settings Tab in the game lobby. Let's make some important changes.

Player name specifies the name of your player. It's not the same as the account name. The account name is a static (non-changeable) name, which you enter on the login page. The player name can be changed as many times as you want (it's the name all other players will see).

Player color specifies the color of your Seal Hunter character. It's not possible to take colors such as white or black. It's better if you take a color which is well visible: red, dark blue, purple, dark orange. Avoid yellow, lime, turquois, pink colors.

SFX Volume specifies the sound effects volume. This are weapon & button sounds. Make it 100%, because it's useful to hear, when a team mate switchs or reloads a weapon and other useful sound details.

Music Volume specifies the music volume. This is the background music & the win/lose sounds in the end of a match. Change it to whatever you want.

[Checkbox] Fullscreen mode toggles the game window between windowed/fullscreen mode. Make it fullscreen, because it will be much easier to see the enemies & aim their heads.

[Checkbox] Enable reflections enables or disables the vertical reflections of the player & enemy objects. It's not really important, but makes up the enemy "design" and may also disturb sometimes.

[Checkbox] Enable particles enables or disables various particles (blood, death animations, bullet shells etc.) You can put it off, but pay attention on the activists, when they plunk down a seal cub. Sometimes it's hard to understand if you only killed the activist or both - the activist and his seal cub.

[Checkbox] Clamp mouse to window means that your mouse will be limited by the Seal Hunter game window. You won't be able to click anywhere outside the game window. No recommendations here.

[Checkbox] Enable classic HUD enables or disables a special HUD over player's head during the play. This special HUD shows the current ammo, the reloading progress and the money you have. Put this stuff on! Very useful!

[Checkbox] Use player color for sniper lines makes the sniper line color of the AWP same as the player color. So it might be easier to differ the sniper lines (helps if there is more than one AWP player in room). Put this stuff on! Might be very useful if there're many snipers in room!

Recommended settings
[X] Fullscreen mode
[X] Enable classic HUD
[X] Use player color for sniper lines

Next we join or host a room and set up our Chat Input Field.

To move the chat input field, press <Enter> (default chat button) and click on the blue button with the "Chat" text.
Drag & drop it whereever you want.

We start a game and change our Buy Menu's position.

To move the buy menu, press <B> (default button for the buy menu) and click on the blue header with the "Buy a Weapon" text. Drag & drop it whereever you want.

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