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This is how deathmatch looks like..


Loadout and buy order

In classic game modes loadouts are not as important as in deathmatch. In classic you can take almost every loadout you want and finish the game easily, while in deathmatch the loadout decides between win or lose. So here's what I recommend...

Because there are a lot of enemies in deathmatch mode, it is very recommended to have minimum 1 nade loadout in the team. This means somebody have to take Grenades / M79 and boost himself till he own a Minigun / Punt Gun for the level 3 bosses.

The level 3 bosses are the heaviest in all deathmatch modes. Be ready to lose there. If you can not earn enough money till the level 3 bosses, stick together and try to finish one bear by another. The next hard thing are the turtles & the level 5. Here's a detailed explanation on how to handle on deathmatch:

If you play with 2 players: 1 or 2 nader.
If you play with 3 players: 1 or 2 must be nader.
If you play with 4 players: 2 must be nader, 1 can be nader.

Level 1

Kill the brown seals as fast as possible, try to make headshots (buy magnum or higher). If you're bad at aiming, finish them with a MP5. Somebody of your team mates might get a medium weapon in this level, if you boost him. Watch out for money in the end of the level. It's recommended to boost somebody already in level 1.

Level 2

Kill everything fast. Do not care about the headshots, they are not important due to there is a lot of money in deathmatch. Buy a medium weapon in this level (recommended). The nade team mate must get the nade weapon till the end or you it will be hard to finish the penguins.

Level 2 Boss

Let your nader(s) finish the penguins, but don't let them kill all of them. If you boost yourself, take 3/4 of the penguins, leave the rest for your teammate. If your team plays without any nades or do not got enough money for a nade weapon, plant mines.

Level 3

Watch out for penguins! There spawn extremely many pingus, so let your nade team mate kill them by throwing grenades. The splash damage will kill all of them. Your boosted team mate(s) should get a heavy weapon here (recommended = minigun). Plant mines when got time.

Level 3 Boss

If your boosted team mate still do not own a heavy weapon, he could buy an AWP (so include this into your loadout) for bad situations. Otherwise run with your team mate from the top to the bottom or vice versa and finish the bears. Do not use nades! It's recommended to split up in 2 groups. Group 1 (max 2 people) start at the top and go to the middle. Group 2 (max 2 people) start in the middle and go to the bottom or vice versa. In both of the groups there should be min. 1 heavy weapon. Plant mines after you finished the bosses.

Level 4

If you still do not own a heavy weapon, buy one now. Plant mines if you have time. Watch out for fat seals and kill them quickly. They block all of your shots. If you own a heavy weapon, stop shooting, let your team mates get a heavy weapon, too. Plant mines before the turtles spawn. They will cover you, when finishing the level 4 bosses.

Level 4 Boss

Let the nader mate(s) finish the turtles. They have to choose their nade weapon, come closer to the turtles and throw some grenades in the black turtle shell entry. They have to go from one turtle to an other. They have to do it fast. You have to cover your mates. Mines will help you to hold the enemies. If you finished the turtles, plant mines for level 5, but don't waste all your money on them. The first bears will eat them anyways, so it's recommended to plant only a few lines of mines and leave the rest for the walrus.

Level 5

This level is very hard. A lot of trash and bears spawn. All of you should use miniguns or punt guns, or 1 player can do AWP if playing with 4 guys (but then place yourself in the middle or stick with a teammate ; finish the fat seals and bears). Cover each other, always. Notice, that the central players are the supporter. They have to feel when a team mate needs support and come over to help. Feel the reloading of the weapons and hope you will finish this level ! Do not forget to let a fat seal (or crawling brown seal ) alive in the end! Plant as many mines as you can. It's possible to use an other planting tactic on deathmatch.

Level 5 Boss

All switch to minigun and spray as soon as the hp bar of the walrus in the bottom appears, even if the walrus did not come out yet. Good luck and have fun!

On the x8 difficulty the walrus buggs, he does not die and does not lose any HP. He goes to the middle of the game field and stops there. 15-20 minutes later he wakes up and starts to eat players. Sometimes he does not eat anybody and then he stops again for 15-20 minutes. 1 player can be eaten in 15-20 min. 4 players may take up to an hour. You can through grenades at the walrus and get some money for mines, which you don't even need. Watch this video.

Written by 2xD.

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