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Guides, tips & tricks # The Boosting Guide

In Seal Hunter you can't share the money with your team mates. So there must be something that can "forward" your team mate's money. We call it Boosting. Boosting is a special trick to let the one player have more money than the other in order to let him faster become a heavier weapon. This can be a huge advantage when fighting against bosses (especially the level 3 boss). So how this boosting works? Basicly, there are only 2 parts, where you can boost your team mate: boss fights and standard enemy kills.

Example: Your loadout is: MP5 - AWP. You want to get the AWP before the Level 3 Boss. Your team mate wants to use the Magnum - Shotgun - Minigun loadout. Proceed as the following:

Level 1: (+100-400$ more than your team mate/s)

Kill 3/5 of the brown seals, but left the other 2/5 for your team mate. Why? In level 1 your team begins to set up the team economy. If you kill too much, you may get a MP5+1500$ in level 1, while your mate won't even have the Magnum. This could lead the match to an end - you could already lose in level 2. That's why you shouldn't boost too much! It's recommended to make only headshots or using the simple 1 pistol headshot + 1 magnum headshot tactic to get the 85$ per kill. One guy can do the pistol shots, the other can finish the seals with a magnum..

Level 1 Boss: (+400$ for you)

Both damage the fat seal boss. The fat seal boss bounty have to go to the boosted team mate. In this situtation, you would become the 400$ boss bounty.

Level 2: (+500-1500$ more than your team mate/s)

Boost slightly! Kill 4/6 of the enemies. Your team mate should get the shotgun & some bucks in this level.

Level 2 Boss: (+1000-2000$ for you)

Before the boss spawns, let the non-boosted team mate kill the last living enemy. You have to kill 3/4 of the penguins. This will give you between 1000-2000$ (depends on weapon: grenades, m79 give more money due to the splash damage multiplier). Do not use land mines on the penguins, if not allowed by your team mate/s (or you play on deathmatch).

Level 3: (+3000-4000$ for you)

Boost as much as you can in level 3! Kill everything you see (4/5 of all enemies). You must get an AWP, when this level ends! If you got your AWP, stop boosting, go back to the right and cover your team mate. Now your team mate should be boosted. Let him kill as much as he can, cover the rest.

Level 3 Boss: (+1000$ for your team mate)

From now on your team mate should be boosted (let him kill both bears). If you still do not have your AWP, kill the first bear together with your light/medium weapons (the money should go to the AWP team mate). If you got your AWP, go to the bear, make a headshot (he gets enraged and starts to run). If the bear almost came to your team mate, let him shoot one more shotgun headshot to finish the polar bear.

Level 4 + Boss: (+3000 > $ for your team mate)

Boost your team mate! Let him kill everything! Always cover him. Help to kill the fat seals, but do not kill all of them. They give much bucks, so left some for your team mate. If the turtles spawn, you can damage them, but let your team mate kill them (+500$ from one turtle). You can hold the turtles to farm for money, so you & your team mate will always get the needed money.

Level 5: (+3000-5000$ for your team mate)

If your team mate still does not own the minigun, help him in level 5 with the fat seals & the polar bears. Because there's so much trash around, it would be better if your team mate kill all the small stuff (Brown Seals, Activists, Penguins) and you kill the big stuff (Polar Bears, Fat Seals).

Level 5 Boss:

If your team mate still does not own the minigun, let him plant as many mines as he can. After you finished planting mines, kill the last enemy and hope that you planted enough mines for the walrus. The shotgun mate should get closer to the walrus or all bullets will go wrong.

Written by 2xD.

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