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In Seal Hunter there's a special jargon and abbreviations which is useful to know (especially for a beginner):

Jargon / Abbreviation Full word Meaning
"ks" / "kser" Killsteal(er) Killstealing means that you steal the kills from an other player, which are supposed to be his ones.
"q" / "qq" / "q all" [rus] Ку [russian] This word came from a funny russian movie called Кин-Дза-Дза! and means "hi" / "hi all". Basicly you should answer "qq"..
"let's boost ..." Let's boost somebody Means that a specific player should be boosted. Watch this for more information.
"farm" / "turtle hold" Farming / Turtle Holding Means the team is going to make a turtle hold. Watch this for more information.
"classic" Classic mode The classic game mode is the game mode where you play on the automatic difficulty (like a default match).
"deathmatch" Deathmatch mode The deathmatch modes are the modes where you can decide for how many players the game should start. The game can be played with a difficulty from 1 to 8 players.
"auto" Automatic game mode Watch "classic".
"let's play on x1/2/4/...8" Let us play on the deathmatch mode with the 1/2/4...8 difficulty level. Watch "deathmatch".
")" / ")))))" :) This sight is a russian quicksmiley.
"change ur tactic / strat" Change your tactic / strategy Means that you should change (modify) your loadout.
"what is ur tactic / strat" What is your tactic / strategy Often means that you have a lot of equipped weapons and the player can't see the actual tactic (the loadout you will buy in the game). Just ask him what weapons you will buy of your current loadout.
"deagle" Desert Eagle Same as the "Magnum".
"grens" Grenades Same as the "Grenades".
"sg" / "drob" [rus] Shotgun / Дробовик [rus] Same as the "Shotgun".
"macs" Dual Macs Same as the "Dual Macs".
"m4" / "m16" Colt / M4 / M16 Same as the "Colt".
"sniper" / "vinta" [rus] Sniper / Винтовка [rus] Same as the "AWP".
"carl" Carl Gustav Same as the "Carl Gustav".
"punt" Punt Gun Same as the "Punt Gun".
"mg" Minigun Same as the "Minigun".

Written by 2xD.

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