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Guides, tips & tricks # How to indentify a cheater

Tired of cheaters? Want to ban them? Here's how to identify a cheater..
At the moment there are 5 well known cheats in Seal Hunter:

1. Aimbot. The aimbot will aim for your hunter automaticly. This means you can stay on a place, fire whereever you want and every single shot will hit an enemy. If you use weapons like the magnum or other and shoot, you will kill all enemies on the game field (magnum shoots through many enemies at once).

2. No-reload. Infinite bullets.
This cheat makes your bullets infinite. This means you can fire as much as you want, you won't have any reload aswell. This cheat is quiet hardcore, especially when using grenades or carl. Both will shoot like the minigun or something.

3. Freeze cheat. This cheat freezes the level progress, so you will get stuck in a level. You will get a huge army of enemies like the one you get while farming (tutle holding).

4. Level cheat. Changes the current game level. The level can be changed from 1 to 5, but also from 5 to 1. There're no limits for you!

5. Go-To-The-Boss-Cheat. This cheat forces you to the level end. The current level boss will spawn.

There's also a program called Cheat Engine, which can modify money, spawn places (all enemies spawn in a line) and the game speed and many many other things..

Original post was written by Никита Кипиченков. Edited by 2xD.

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