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Guides, tips & tricks # Level 4: Fat Seals !!! HAHA !!!

Lv. 4

Brown Seal

British Activist


Fat Seal
Lv. 4 Boss
Turtle Boss

Killing order
Penguin > British Activist > Brown Seal > Fat Seal

In Level 4 there will spawn one more enemy type - Fat Seals. They move slow, but have many HP and can overrun your Seal Hunter. If you did not bought any heavy weapon yet, think about doing it in this level..

Fat seals can be killed by all weapons, but don't try it with Pistol, Magnum or MP5 - that's too slow. Use 3 shotgun shots (come close to the fat seal), or shoot the full magazine of the Dual Macs, Colt on the poor fat seal. If a fat seal stops moving (he does that if you damaged him to a specific HP count), he starts to regenerate his HP (but he does that very slowly). A fat seal forwards splash damages very well. If you shoot grenades or rockets with your M79 or Carl, you will notice that the splash damage will hit everything around the fat seal.

After the level ends, turtles will spawn. Turtles hide their heads in their turtle shells if you shoot at them. They also stop moving, when they're in their shells. So make sure you make huge damage on the head in the small period of time, when their head is out. You can push the turtles back to the left border if you shoot at them with a weapon which has a good recoil (Shotgun, Punt Gun, Minigun) or double weapons with less recoil (2 Colts, 2 Dual Macs on one turtle). If you stay in front of the turtle, it will not come out until you move yourself. So go up or down (the right side of the turtle have to be free) and wait till turtle's head comes out. Then move back to the turtle and rip his head off!

If the turtle does not want to die, take M79, Grenades, Carl Gustav and shoot in turtle's black turtle shell entry. That will kill the turtle instantly. It's also recommended not to use automatic rifles, because they make too less damage per bullet. Use the following weapons instead: (Grenades), Shotgun, M79, AWP, Carl Gustav, Punt Gun. Always come as close as possible to the turtle or you won't be able to exploit the full damage the weapon has.

There's also a tricky thing when holding (pushing back) the turtles - Farming. Thanks Toumaz for that.

Written by 2xD.

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