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Guides, tips & tricks # Level 5: Owning some Polar Bears

Lv. 5
Brown Seal

British Activist


Fat Seal

Polar Bear
Lv. 5 Pause (if 1 enemies alive; do not kill last enemy)
Lv. 5 Boss

Killing order
Polar Bear > Penguin > British Activist > Brown Seal > Fat Seal

In Level 5 there will spawn one more enemy type - Polar Bears, who get enraged when hit and run faster. If you still did not bought any heavy weapon yet, do it now! Or you're so pro that you can kill the walrus with a medium weapon!

The level 5 polar bears have less HP, what means that you have to shoot less bullets than in level 3. When a polar bear spawns, you will hear a bear roar. The polar bear's bounty is 500$. Here's a list of how to kill the polar bears with different weapons:

Shotgun: 2-3 headshots, come closer to the bear, move to the right when shooting.
Dual Macs: 3/4 magazine on head, come closer to the bear, move to the right when shooting.
M79: 2-3 grenades on head, come closer to the bear, move to the right when shooting.
Colt M16: 2/3 magazine on head.
AWP: headshot = kill.
Carl Gustav: 2 over-headshots (the part over the head of the polar bear) or 3 headshots.
Punt Gun: headshot = kill, come closer to the bear.
Minigun: 20-40 bullets in head.

The polar bear can overrun your Seal Hunter. If you killed a polar bear, his dead body can stop your Seal Hunter's movement for a while. So jump over his dead body to not get blocked.

It's better if you use a heavy weapon (Colt, AWP, Carl, Punt, Minigun) in level 5, because there's much trash around. Use one of the medium weapons (Shotgun, Macs, M79) as your secondary weapon. If a polar bear runs towards you and you have no bullets in your primary weapon left, switch to the secondary and finish the running bear. Kill the polar bears as fast as possible. If you wait, they will cross the whole game field and lead the game to an end.

There will be a pause before the walrus boss spawns until you do not kill the very last enemy. Because it's hard to not to kill a brown seal or best - a crawling seal (slowest of all), let the last fat seal alive. The fat seal can be stopped 1 time. Damage him with a light or medium weapon until he stops moving (damage, do not kill him). Then you and/or your team mates have to plant mines in order to kill the walrus easily. Watch here how to plant mines. Plant the land mines in the middle of the game field, in a horizontal straight line. When the fat seal almost reaches the right border, kill him. There are also some other planting tactics.

A walrus will spawn. Shoot at him with your heavy weapon (eyeshot does more damage). If you use a spray gun, like the Punt Gun, come closer to the walrus or all of your bullets will go wrong. After the walrus stops moving and gathers speed, run back to the right border (run to the middle-right position of the game field), so the walrus can gather all the land mines you planted.

The walrus always eats the nearest player. If the walrus crossed the right border (if he's out of the room), he turns back, gathers speed and tries to eat you again. If the walrus gathers speed, run & try to jump - sometimes this helps. Try to kill him (shoot or plant mines) if not eaten yet. If you switch your gun to a light weapon, you can run faster and, so, jumping will be more effective.

If you got eaten by the walrus in the original The Seal Hunter game, you could still shoot with your punt gun out of his stomach, what finally killed him. In the multiplayer version - the Seal Hunter Remake, you can still do this, but it does not work always (try it when playing with many players). If you've been eaten by the walrus, but killed him out of his stomach a second later, you will get a win message when you start the next match.

On the x8 difficulty the walrus buggs, he does not die and does not lose any HP. He goes to the middle of the game field and stops there. 15-20 minutes later he wakes up and starts to eat players. Sometimes he does not eat anybody and then he stops again for 15-20 minutes. 1 player can be eaten in 15-20 min. 4 players may take up to an hour. You can throw grenades at the walrus and get some money for mines, which you don't even need. Watch this video.

You will get 1000$ for killing walrus. There's also a trick you can use on the walrus

Written by 2xD.

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