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1. Game Starting Countdown. Counts down a 5 or 3 seconds timer (5 if  more than 1 players in room & 3 if there's only 1 player in room). When the countdown reaches 0, the game starts with level 1. This is also the time, where you can un-ready yourself.

2. Players Ready Counter. Shows how many players are ready to start the game. If all players are ready, a countdown appears.

1. Weapon Stats. Shows the weapon bullet count, the current weapon used & the reloading progress of a weapon.

2. Level Stats. Shows the level progress & the boss hp count. Always look at the level progress in order to know when a boss spawns!

3. Money. Shows the current money you have.

4. Chat. The chat shows various player messages, informations about bought weapons, how much money you need to the next weapon, joined or left players, rank, title & achievement unlocks.

5. Classic HUD. Enable the classic HUD in the options to see the most important informations over your player body. The classic HUD shows the bullet count, the reloading progress and the money you currently have!

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