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Guides, tips & tricks # Level 1: Brown Seals are coming

Lv. 1
Brown Seal
Lv. 1 Boss
Fat Seal Boss

Killing order
Fast Brown Seals > Slow Brown Seals

Level 1 starts with brown seals. Some seals may be faster than other ones, so try to kill them first. Your first free level 1 weapon is the pistol. The pistol is a low-damage weapon, but has a perfect accuracy, no recoil & 12 bullets per magazine.

Mind a tactic which you could use on the brown seals: go from one seal to another and give headshots!

1st pistol headshot gives 10$
2nd pistol headshot gives 60$
1 magnum headshot gives 70$

Now, if you combine these headshots, you can get +15$ more than usual:
(1st pistol headshot = 10$) + (1 magnum headshot = 70$) + (special headshot multiplier = 5$) == 85$

This would mean that you have to switch to pistol, make a headshot, then switch back to magnum, make a second headshot and there you go - 85$! This trick only works in level 1. But take attention on your magnum shots. A magnum's bullet can shoot through many enemies at once. So begin at the very top and continue by going down from one seal to another. First you can make several pistol headshots to some of the brown seals, then switch to magnum, go to the same seals and make final magnum headshots - that's a way faster.

Brown seals have the feature, that they may crawl when critically wounded. Jump on the crawling seal to kill it. Jumping gives more money (55$), than killing by a weapon (50$). If you're too lazy to jump, take a gun with a high recoil (shotgun / punt gun), place yourself so that your body movement will end at the crawling seal from the recoil and shoot. The seal will die.

After killing all seals, a fat seal boss appears. First he goes a little forward (in that moment the fat seal regenerates his HP - so don't shoot at him), then he stops (still regenerates his HP), shakes his nose a little, and, then, he continues going to the right (now shoot at him). Try to shoot in his eye, because there is an eyeshot multiplier which does 25% more damage, than shooting in his body. A fat seal can overrun your Seal Hunter! This blocks your movement for some seconds! Killing a fat seal boss gives you 400$!

The level 1 boss hp bar in the bottom has a strange bug: the bar displays a wrong hp count for all non-hosters (all players except the admin of the room).

There's a trick you can use on the level 1 fat seal boss - throw Grenades (1500$) at him. Every grenade, hitting his body, will give you between 5$ and 30$, depending on the splash distance, so throw some grenades on his head!

Written by 2xD.

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