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Guides, tips & tricks # 5 Most Important Rules of Seal Hunter

1. DO NOT CHEAT if not allowed by the room hoster! If he does not say anything, then DO NO CHEAT! Otherwise you will get a kick & ban and a bad reputation..

2. DO NOT FLAME if the player does not deserve it. Otherwise you would get a kick & ban and all will think you are an angry kid !

3. DO NOT KILLSTEAL other player's kills. This is not tactical and destroys your team's economic strategies. There's only one exception: you boost yourself. But that's an other topic and does not have anything in common with killstealing.

4. DO NOT CHAT if you're in-game, unless there's a need to. Only chat if you have enough time (e.g. a pause between bosses or levels) or chat before the round starts. Do not write things like "reset" or "restart", when you're a spectator and want to do a rematch; do never disturb with your messages.

5. DO NOT PLAY STUPID if not allowed by the room hoster. To play tactical right, watch the Tactical Basics of Seal Hunter guide. Good Luck & Have Fun!

Written by cubrman (source) & HaNacisKO (source). Edited by 2xD.

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