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Press <Esc> to toggle the In-Game Menu. If you pressed the switch button before, the In-Game Menu will stay closed until you move your player object. While you're in the In-Game Menu, you can not use the basic controls you always use to play. You can either click the menu buttons or <Esc> to return to game. If you move your Seal Hunter in a specific direction and then press <Esc>, he will continue moving in that direction. The In-Game Menu of Seal Hunter has the following buttons:

1. Resume: resumes the game and quits the In-Game Menu.
2. Modify Loadout: modifies the current weapon loadout. You can add or delete weapons for the next round there. Doubleclick the weapons you would like to add from the "Available Weapons" list and doubleclick the weapons you would like to delete from the "Current Loadout" list. You can only take up to 5 weapons per round! After you made all your works, press "Return to game" to save your loadout.

3. Spectate: takes you into the spectator mode. In that mode you can only watch for the game; you can't play until the players finish the current round. If you joined a room and a game is already started, you will be forced to the spectator mode, where you have to wait for the match end.

To leave the spectator mode press <Esc> and then the "Join" button.

4. Kick Player: kicks & bans a specific player. Select a player and press the "Kick Player" button. You can't kick & ban yourself !

5. Leave: leaves the current game. You will get to the Seal Hunter Game Lobby.

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